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The RANGE offers different membership levels to cater to diverse levels of engagement and support. These tiers are designed to accommodate a range of commitments and provide members with varying degrees of influence, recognition, and participation. Here's an overview of some of the membership levels we offer.













At this level, members make a substantial financial contribution, signifying a deep commitment to our mission. Legacy Members hold a board position and a significant role in shaping our strategic direction. You will have the chance to impact our initiatives at the highest level.

Founding Members are early supporters who lay the foundation for the RANGE's success. Your involvement at this stage is pivotal in shaping our core principles, and you'll receive recognition for your instrumental role in our growth.

As a Charter Member, you're joining a select group dedicated to propelling the RANGE's mission. Your support at this level demonstrates your commitment to our vision and initiatives.

Businesses that align with our goals can become Corporate Members. Through financial backing and active participation, these members contribute significantly to our success while gaining opportunities for collaboration, programming, R&D and workforce development initiatives.

Local small businesses and individuals in the Panhandle and its neighboring areas have the opportunity to become Community Members of The RANGE. As a Community Member, you'll enjoy access to a variety of community events and the ability to utilize RANGE branding.

Our commitment to growth extends to students through a specialized membership level. Student Members gain valuable learning experiences, industry insights, and the chance to network with other members who share their passion for progress and innovation.

Each membership level offers a unique opportunity for engagement and support. We invite you to choose the level that resonates most with your commitment and aspirations. Your involvement with the RANGE will not only shape our future but also contribute to the development of our region and beyond.

If you're interested in becoming a member or would like more details about the benefits associated with each level, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for considering joining us in this exciting journey toward a more prosperous and sustainable future.

Current Members

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